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H/L: Desert Lands - Harry Potter Blokes Music Videos

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August 4th, 2009

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04:16 am - H/L: Desert Lands


Way heavier in plot than I planned on, so apologies if it is a little difficult to discern. There are two major plot points, and I recommend reading the 1st segment prior to vewing. You can read part 2 if you don't mind spoilers.

AU - Set during DH
-Harry, having left his friends and loved ones for their safety, searches for horcruxes by himself. Ever since leaving Hogwars, he finds himself longing for one particular individual: Luna.
-While investigating clues at Godric's Hollow, he is ambushed by Death Eaters and loses consciousness.

-Rescued by Luna, Harry awakes in a hidden village where her father has taken her them hiding. While recuperating, Harry reconnects with her, bringing him long lost happiness.
-One day, Harry stumbles into her room where he sees a portrait of her parents. Spotting this, Luna evades Harry, unable to navigate her feelings.
-Conflicted, Harry looks into his past, his parents, in hopes of finding a means to reconnect with Luna. He turns to see her at his side.
-The final 45seconds I leave to you to interpret =) I have my interpretation, but I figure you'd like your own just the same



I wanted to do one more H/L video before the youtube contest and work began full swing. Hope you enjoy it.

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