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Harry Potter Blokes Music Videos

Potter and the great beyond

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This is the place to post music videos featuring one or more of the actors from The Harry Potter movies. The focus will be on the actors not on Harry Potter, which means that you can post videos based on ANY movie or TV-series the actors have performed in. The vids posted to this community may be of any rating or genre. (We love slash, but het and gen is ok too. :)

This community was created as a compliment to hpguys_daily. They deliver photographs of the blokes, we give you videos. We'll try to be daily, but we'll more likely be weekly or even monthly or yearly..........

If you are still in doubt about which actors this includes here are some examples:

Alan Rickman (We wanna have sex with his voice)
Jason Isaacs (He is camp and evil personified. Which is hot!)
David Thewlis (Weird lips, great hands)
Gary Oldman (We don't know why, but we really like him!)
Michael Gambon (He's God! No really!)
Robbie Coltrane (Size matters)
Ian Hart (Sam West fangirls him and so do we)
Rupert Grint (Wicked!)
Daniel Radcliffe (We wanna deflower him)
Tom Felton (He is a wonderful little bitch)
Kenneth Branagh (Silly thespian)
Christian Coulson (A little cutie)
and a bunch of other people whos names we can't be bothered to remember at the late hour that this community was created.


-If you're not a vidder yourself, feel free to post recs instead.

-If you don't have a livejournal but still wish to post a vid, contact one of the moderators and we will gladly post it for you.

-If you want to contact the moderators send a mail to this adress hpblokes_videos @ hotmail.com

Moderator sex_and_tea
Substitute moderator sofiaaifos